Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Who you gonna call?

Dear Allegra: I want to convert my attic into a master bedroom. Do I call an architect or an interior designer?

Who you call depends on what you need. You may need one or both. If your remake is structural – moving walls, going through the roof, running plumbing lines, pulling electrical lines and installing outlets you’ll want an architect for starters. The other members of the team are the interior designer and crafts people – plumber, carpenter, electrician and roofer, if necessary. The architect would know local building and operational codes and how to create a functional design that conforms to those codes. An architect also will/must have a thorough understanding of the materials and methods that are available to the contractor who will be doing whatever structural work is required in your project.
Both the architect and interior designer will be sensitive to consequences of their design recommendation and also be in tune with spatial and placement details that influence how you will feel and adequately function in the space.

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