Friday, May 4, 2007

Dating the plumber

Ok, a gal I know wants me to say more about whether she should date the plumber. Maybe. If you think you won't ever have a need for a plumber again then let him finish the job, pay him and go ahead and date him. The vast majority of plumbing problems can be fixed by you. Now that's the plumber. Of course, there are caveats when it comes to the other crafts.

If this guy is an electrician or carpenter or say a 3 in 1 contractor who can do a lot of stuff, my answer is turn the siren song dial to off or vibrate, let him finish the job you hired him to do and if he did really good job work, then NO. Don’t date him. A good contractor is hard to find. And once you start dating the good contractor he will be hard to find. He'll bring is manself to your door without the handyman tools.

You'll think you should get his talents for free and he'll feel so uuuussseeeedddd. Wouldn't you? But, if you’re pretty sure you won’t ever have a need for repair or improvement work around the house, then, sure date the contractor.

But, actually we gals may be onto something. Create a plumbing problem. Go through the Yellow Pages, call a plumber to come out. While he's under the sink showing you the business side of his anatomy, check him out. See if he's available - really available no amnesia about the wife and kids at home - and take a hit. Hey, this is the 21st cent.

But on a further point it's important for women to know their way around a power tool or two too. Fathers – and mothers – should tell this to their daughters. Keep handy. Yes, sometimes you will need to hire someone for a job requiring special skills and experience. But, come on, you don’t need to hire a plumber for a toilet that won’t stop flushing itself or a contractor to change out your door lock or fix that big hole in the wall. You really can do it yourself. So do it and save the call for "help" as a dating tool. Get my meanin'?

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