Monday, December 24, 2007

How to flush a heating system

Got radiators? Then you’ve got a really old house. Ever wonder what all that hissing and banging in the pipes are about? Generally it is trapped air and the system needs flushing.
Consider flushing the system at least once a month during the heating season to keep things quietly moving. If you have a service contract through your utility company then it may be covered. If you are a hands on gal or guy then here’s

How to flush a heating system

1. Keep the service manual that came with the furnace handy
2. Open the air vents on all radiators located on the highest level of the house
3. Turn off the furnace’s power switch.
4. Shut off the furnace’s water supply
5. Let the furnace cool down
6. Attach a garden hose to the drain cock (faucet)at the lowest part of the boiler (usually at the rear) and lead the other end of the hose into a drain or bucket
7. Open the faucet. Let the line drain through the hose. (The water will be heavy and brown with rust and sediment)
8. When the flow slows, turn the water supply back on. Flush the boiler with fresh water. Do a few times.
9. When the water from the boiler runs clear, turn off the drain faucet.
10. Refill the boiler by opening the water supply until the furnace reaches its proper water level. The glass water-level indicator should be slightly more than half full
11. Turn boiler on
12. When you hear water filling the pipes, return to the top floor radiators and close the air vents. Open and close vents on all other radiators in the house to release any trapped air

Caution: You can crack the furnace by running cold water into a hot chamber so follow directions and take your time.

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